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Forward Together


Have you been searching for a change?

We always feel like we are looking for something, don't we?

What if we could move Forward Together? 

We can. 

Join us for at our next New Hampshire conference for women who are ready to move forward together,

with a community of support, mentorship, and guidance.

 Join us as we move from inspiration to action.

Last year was a truly remarkable experience - are you ready to do it again?

If you said Hell, yeah… 

Why you need to block October 3, 2024 on your calendar today...


Dr. Kelley Misata
Empowering Yourself with
Knowledge and Authenticity

Kelley will share her personal story around how she conquered years of stalking while always staying true to herself and transforming terror into triumph.

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Dr. Kelley Misata, a distinguished cybersecurity expert, was recognized as a finalist for the Cybersecurity Woman of the Year. She is the Founder and Chief Trailblazer of Sightline Security, and holds leadership positions as President at the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF) and Senior Director of Open Source at Corelight. Dr. Misata's expertise spans cybersecurity, specializing in network security, security operations, assessments, and the strategic use of open-source technologies. She is adept at conveying complex security concepts to diverse audiences, making her a leading figure in the field.
A respected global speaker, Dr. Misata is dedicated to improving cybersecurity practices
within underserved enterprises, nonprofits, and community sectors through Sightline Security.

Her significant contributions to OISF, Corelight, and her work with the Tor Project demonstrate her deep expertise in open-source and network security.

Driven by her personal experience with cyberstalking, Dr. Misata's commitment to
cybersecurity is profoundly personal. She holds a Ph.D. in Information Security from Purdue University, along with a Master's in Business Administration and Marketing, and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Bentley University. Her comprehensive educational background and professional accomplishments establish her as a pivotal leader in cybersecurity innovation and advocacy.


Bernadette Blake, MA, LICSW
Real Talk about Menopause: 
What Your Mom Didn't Tell You

Bernadette will focus on demystifying an often neglected topic of women's health and sexual wellness.

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Bernadette M. Blake, MA, LICSW is the Founder and Primary Clinician of Mulberry Harbour Counseling and Coaching, which is located in historic downtown Exeter. 

She enjoys working with adults going through major life transitions, and those who want to identify and achieve their goals.


She is interested in helping clients gain increased insight and understanding of those transitions and goals --  particularly when they are associated with reproductive events such as pregnancy, postpartum, or menopause, or other related life experiences.


Pasha Marlowe
Creating a Neuroinclusive Culture

Pasha will offer specific tools and resources for people  to be able to effectively and compassionately support a neurodiverse community. 

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Pasha Marlowe (she/they) has worked as a trauma-informed marriage and family therapist and coach for neurodivergent clients for the past 30 years. She is on the front lines, talking to individuals, couples, and groups, about the specific challenges of living, loving, and learning with a neurodivergent mind. Pasha speaks with organizations and ERG groups to improve allyship and cultures of neuroinclusion and neurobelonging. Her favorite work is in small group training with organizations on ways to hire, retain, and celebrate neurodivergent employees through the lens of intersectionality and neuroqueering.

Pasha has spoken several times at the International CHADD ADHD Conference, Seacoast Leadership, the Maine Women’s Conference, and neurodiversity summits around the world. She is a lead coach on the Inflow and Tiimo apps. Pasha is also an author, podcast host, and comedian. She has 53 years of experience as a queer, disabled, autistic ADHDer and is excited to empower parents, partners, teachers, coaches, therapists, doctors, and employers to advocate for neurodivergent people. She lives in Cumberland, Maine with her youngest son, co-parent, and two doodle dogs. 

Our 2024 Speakers 

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Cyrena-Marie Arnold
What is Your Working Genius?

Cyrena will teach us how to leverage our own unique genius and understand our gifts & frustrations

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Cyrena has worked as a meteorologist for over 20 years. She has worked for NASA contractors, installed weather stations on the remote Alaska tundra, was the Director of Summit Operations for the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory and was an NH1 News TV Meteorologist.

She is now the Chief Marketing Officer for reThought Insurance. In 2019, Cyrena was named to the Union Leader's "40 Under 40" and was the NH Tech Alliance's 2019 TechProfessional of the Year. She has also written a children’s book called, “The Weather Story”, and is Mrs. New Hampshire 2022..


Candice Benson
Making Changes Stick

Candice will share how to create a positive MAP “momentum action plan” to create action based goals and achievements

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Candice Benson, CEO of Benson Consulting Inc., is a certified Change Manager, Project Management Professional and Process Improvement Specialist.  Her 20+ years of experience in project management and people change management has spanned multiple fields including  Academia, Technology, Utilities, Finance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Non-Profits.

Candice, a true Change Agent, is certified in Change Intelligence (CQ®), a Project Management Professional (PMP®), a Prosci Change Practitioner and Trainer.  


Melissa Jurkoic
Master of Ceremonies

Melissa will guide us throughout the day and help us process each session with intention to move forward

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Melissa has worked in the tech industry for over 20 years in roles ranging from Junior Software Engineer to her current role as the Chief Experience Officer at Thynk.Cloud.

Always driven by her passion to have a positive impact on the decline of women in STEM education and careers, she has volunteered with organizations globally including ChickTech, Everwise, WITI, NH Tech Alliance, Microsoft DigiGirlz, wiseHer, Girl Scouts, and

She continues to pursue opportunities every day to advocate, educate and encourage women and girls to pursue careers in technology.  

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