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the art of thinking independently together.
- Malcolm Forbes
Image by Yann Allegre

Do you feel...?

  • Ready to move forward

  • Not sure what to do next

  • Excited to reconnect with yourself

  • Curious about the future

Did you say yes to any of the above?

If you did, we want you to know we get you.  Honestly - we are you!

Like you, we are tired of talking.  So, let's come together and do something.

Are you ready to raise the level of action to meet the level of conversation?

We want you to be part of our community.

Women leaders are stretched thinner than men in leadership.

43 percent of women leaders are burned out compared with only 31 percent of men at their level. *

More women are leaving

For every woman at the director level who gets promoted to the next level,

two women directors are leaving their company management teams. *

Men continue to outnumber women in leadership. 

For every 100 men who are promoted from entry-level to manager, only 87 women are promoted, and only 

82 women of color are promoted. *

Teams We Have Impacted

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