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Meet The Team


In 2015, Melissa and Candice met charged with a passion to create a community focused on empowering girls and women to pursue education and careers in STEM. 
After years of successful programs and events across multiple organizations and state boundaries, it was clear that despite all their effort and that of others over the course of 30 years, things weren't really changing. 

The creation of this exclusive space for women to connect was equally important and necessary, but it was just the first step.  The initiatives that were fueled by their passion were not enough to truly solve the problem because no one was moving to the second step of bringing everyone back together to create a solution.  It was clear that the level of action did not match the level of conversation around inclusion.  They shared the same desire to be the catalyst for change, not just participate in conversations about it. 


True change demands the creation of an inclusive community that supports and encourages diversity of thought, but such a community and programs to help it thrive doesn't exist. 

Being true believers that if you want something and it doesn't exist then you should go create it yourself, they began this new journey.

Welcome to a community of action-takers, diverse thinkers and change agents.  

Welcome to Diversify Thinking.

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