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Speaker Spotlight: Cornelia Shipley

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

This week we're talking with Cornelia Shipley, CEO and founder of 3C Consulting. Along with being a sought after speaker, she is also a strategic planning expert who works with clients to expand their capacity, increase their capability and drive clarity in the organization to ultimately increase the retention and advancement of mission critical talent.

Cornelia is also the creator and founder of the Women’s Mastery Program, an annual development program for Women at the Director Level and above, designed to empower their career advancement and strategically plan their life and work.

She published the book Design Your Life in 2014 which spent a week as a best seller and is currently finalizing her second book Empowered: Strategies for Executive Success as part of her Doctoral Program.

We sat down with Cornelia to gain insight on her experience so you can see her why we asked her to join us this month for our Rise & Diversify Virtual Event!

Tell us something about you not in your bio...

My husband and I take an annual snow vacation to snowmobile.

What attracted you to your current industry and role?

I started early on in my career working in people development in some way and found that I loved both business strategy and people alignment and development in accordance with the strategy. Today, my team and I have the pleasure of supporting our clients to retain and advance their mission critical talent which happens at the intersection of company strategy and people processes.

What tools or resources have you used that have been crucial to your success?

One of the biggest tools of success for me is remembering these specific principles around productivity management :

1 - There are only a FEW finite number of tasks only I can and should do

2 - Time cannot be managed

3 - Work expands or contracts to the time allotted so calendar everything

What is your proudest achievement?

My definition of success is being able to be present in the moment for what matters most and my proudest moment was right after my wedding. My mother passed unexpectedly just 5 days after the big event and I was able to navigate the grief process, plan a funeral and take 3 weeks off in my business without anything being missed. I credit that in part to an amazing team but also my ability to determine in any given moment what needed to happen for both the now times and the future of both my family and my firm.

What do you think needs to happen or have you seen done successfully in the past to create an inclusive workplace/corporate culture?

Inclusion is long lasting when an organization makes the commitment to assess and address inequities across all of their systems and processes (not just their people processes of hiring, development, promotion etc.) and create structures of accountability and consequence for behaviors not in alignment with the cultural value of inclusion.

Want to join the conversation with Cornelia? We thought so!

Register for the upcoming Rise & Diversify Virtual Event on Wednesday July 29!


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