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Speaker Spotlight: Jennifer Fields

Today we sat down with Jennifer Fields, Senior Director, Content Development at WebMD.

Jennifer has spent over 15 years of her career guiding interactive content development and social media strategy for leading online destinations. She elevates brands to the next level across platforms (voice platforms, podcast, apps) through her editing and content strategy skills.

She partners with Monika Smyczek to host the podcast Black Mama, White Mama. In every episode, they have honest conversations about the intersection of race and parenting.

We asked Jennifer a few questions so you can get a glimpse of who she is and why we are so excited about hosting her this week for Rise & Diversify.

Tell us something about you not in your bio...

I’m writing a novel.

What attracted you to your current industry and role?

I never planned to be a podcaster, but I find it to be such a powerful medium. The conversations that my cohost Monika and I were having about race and parenting seemed like they might lend themselves to the format so we thought we’d give a try.

What tools or resources have you used that have been crucial to your success?

I cannot overstate the importance of a good mentor (or two or three). We all need someone who believes in us and is invested in us — preferably someone you do not currently work with and isn’t a relative.

What is your proudest achievement?

In 2010, I interviewed Michelle Obama (live from the White House) about childhood obesity and her Let’s Move campaign.

What do you think needs to happen or have you seen done successfully in the past to create an inclusive workplace/corporate culture?

I’ve seen some companies make explicit and specific commitments to increasing the diversity in leadership roles. They’ve defined diversity and given a deadline by which they’ll achieve it. It’s certainly not a cure all and hiring can’t be the only investment, but it shows recognition that diversity among decision-makers is key to influencing the culture of a company.

Want the opportunity to ask Jennifer more questions? Yeah, so do we.

Register for this week's Rise & Diversify Virtual Event on Wednesday October 21!



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